Family Crest

Renzoni Family Crest

The Renzoni Family Coat of Arms, here reproduced in colour, reads:

“Of gules [in red] to the argent [silver] band accompanied by two stars with six points each, of the same, placed one in the chief and the other in the point.”

Dating Back to the 16th Century

The most ancient memories of the Renzoni’s illustrious family stock can be found in Tuscany, to be exact in Florence, and are as old as the sixteenth century. In Florence, the Renzoni House’s members greatly affirmed themselves so much to deserve – as handed down by the historian Tusebio Cerri in his Necrologio Fiorentino – the privilege of being buried in a Church.

Such privileges were reserved only to Nobles or to those living more nobelium, that is to say according to the Nobles way of life. The graves of these illustrious House members can be seen in the Basilica of San Lorenzo, in the one of the Santissima Annunziatia, and in the Churches of the Badia, of San Firenze and of San Pier Maggiore.

As years went by, the Renzoni House branches to several Families who settled in other towns of Tuscany and in a few zones of the Latium and the Marche regions. Important personages belonged to these latter branches and we like to remember Cesare Renzoni, a very much learned man who embraced the religious life and became an admired preacher who lived during the second half of the seventeenth century. Also we like to remember Benedetto Renzoni, a valuable doctor in law and a good writer.